Packing Tips

Here are some packing tips we’ve developed over the years to make sure your items arrive in excellent shape so you can earn the most money on your items!    




We want the whole garment. If there are any attachments, such as hoods or belts, be sure to include them when packing.


We take items that are in season and up to three years old. Items should be clean and free of stains, fading and holes. Fold clothes neatly and stack them in your bag. We use our own hangers, so keep yours for new favorites.


Place jewelry in its original packaging or in a sealed plastic bag. Include any papers of authenticity with your designer handbags and other luxury goods. We will not sell any item that cannot be verified as authentic.


When packing delicate items such as sequins, consider wrapping them in tissue paper and labeling them as fine materials.


To help keep their shape, place hats, shoes and handbags on top of your clothes. If you have the original box or bag, that's even better!


You're all set for a pick up!